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Virtual Office Space- Pros and Cons

Posted by on Aug 4, 2016 in Business |

home-office-54583_640Today virtual world is the most real thing. And a thing very much of stone and mortar, literally, has turned virtual. Are you confused? Well, don’t need to be because virtual office space is the reality of present. When you own a company, the department that claims a lion’s share of your revenue is the maintenance of a really expensive office. Though, it is difficult to dissolve the office set up of a big company, but relatively smaller ones and new entrepreneurs are wholeheartedly welcoming this option as it is saving a recurring monthly cost or a huge start up investment.

So, basically virtual office space means you have an address, a post-box, a landline number and a fax connection- in short everything that are essential for an office set up. These days internet has taken over everything. Most of the works are done globally and everyone is connected through internet. Communication is maintained over email while meetings and conferences are undertaken through webcam. Since face to face meeting is a very rare thing, you do not always need a big office set up. Your employees work from home, so they can be hired from any part of the city, country or world plainly on the basis of qualification.

The virtual office space that you avail is usually an existing office in some business centre. But since you do not use it regularly you don’t pay any rent. However, you pay a token amount for using their address. A locked post box is given out on rent. Having an office address in posh and prime location does really good to your reputation. Whenever you need an office space for interviews, meetings or conferences, you can avail your virtual offices. So, you can enjoy all the pros of a high end office. Thanks to different tools and technology, a whole company is run on a floating office set up. There is one office assistant responsible for communication between virtual and real offices.

With virtual office space, there is one and probably the only problem. Since you don’t get to meet with your clients as well as colleagues and employees, you are distant with them and lack that close knit professional relationship which helps in team work. But again, finance which is the big problem for any new entrepreneur is well taken care of when you go for this floating set up. It is not only the rent you are saving but also the utility bills, conveyance cost of the employees and other additional charges that you are supposed to pay for running an office. A penny saved is a penny earned. The money that you save through this floating set up can be invested in other pockets that call for it. And this way, you will be a step ahead towards your goal of a successful business venture.

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Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in News, Technology |

History often repeats itself, and trends sometimes come alive after a period of time. However, people are often surprised when something that was “dead and gone” for several decades makes a comeback and steals the spotlight once again. One such example is visible in the hype that surrounds a game called PokemonGo, and this title is spreading like wildfire all over the world. People in their 20s and 30s are especially “vulnerable” to the appeal of this game, simply because they were kids or very young when Pokemons were at the highest point of their popularity but other users of smartphone devices are also attracted to the game that combines several technologies and gaming systems.

Pokemon GO

PokemonGo is a game created for Android and iOS devices, but not for tablets, only smartphones. Niantic Labs, a former division of Google, is the main culprit for the creation and publishing of the game, but Nintendo and the Pokemon Company also had their fingers in the process. Over $30 million was invested in the efforts to produce a game that would cause a revolution in the gaming world, and PokemonGo has turned the world into one global gaming arena. The game is free to download, but in-app purchases will demand a certain amount of money, and the price of upgrades ranges from $o.99 to $99.

Pokemon-GOThe game uses augmented reality as its foundation, and geolocation technology is perfectly combined with storytelling, so PokemonGo offers a lot of fun and enjoyable gaming experience. The design is also top-notch, but since Nintendo and the Pokemon Company were in on the business, it is no surprise that all characters and trademarks are original and authentic. Over the years, the Pokemon franchise has grown into an amazing global phenomenon, and multiple TV shows, movies, video games, playing cards, and other products have spread the word about the creatures that live inside small red and white balls and who are precious when fighting with an “enemy”.1500

However, it seems that the biggest winner from the sudden re-birth of Pokemons is the Nintendo company, and the stocks of this corporation have skyrocketed over the weekend. Several key markets have been opened for the game in that period, such as the US market, and the enormous number of downloads has resulted in the astonishing rise of value when it comes to shares of Nintendo.160711112020-nintendo-shares-780x439

Tokyo stock market shows that Nintendo now stands at 20.260 yen ($198.41) per share, which is an increase of 36%. It is evident that a smart strategy and a lot of hard work are once again helping Nintendo take over the world, but significant investments in the development of AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) technologies seem to be paying back. The creation of wearable devices and other accessories is the next step, and it remains to be seen how PokemonGo will attract the players in the future, and how long will the “craze” last. For now, we should all relax and catch as many Pokemons as we can.

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